Versatile personality

At dawn Inis Meáin is enclosed by mist. Although the sun is trying to permeate, only the closest surroundings I am able to discard.

Covered by mist

Nature holds its breath so it feels. At noon however, the sun triumphs as she breaks through and covers nature with her generous golden radiance.

The sun breaks through

It is only some hours later that another veil of fog suddenly arrives. This time it is wrapped in a cold wind, coming from the northwest.

Fog is coming in

Thick patches of haze slowly unravel into thinner and longer ones which spread themselves finally into an even more delicate substance to fan out slowly in the end. The mist only covers the most westerly part of Inis Meáin though, to draw back again to the Connemara isles for to return again within a few minutes.


It is from one of these- at the moment- far away isles you used to come from, you once told me. A young adult you were at the time, having just finalised your training as you came over to Inis Meáin, brave and anxious to fulfil your new job. You fell in love and you stayed and together you reared your family while you, in the meantime, kept also dedicated to your work.
Regrettably I have only known you for an eighth part of your span of life but I have loved every moment I met you. Your share of variegation in qualities I admired such as the devotion you put in every task you undertook, the easy way you communicated with anyone and the love you spread in developing new ideas.


I am grateful to you!

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin