It happened when the day was almost in. The light  was in her waning already when the beams of the sun were radiating the neighbourhood in a golden shine.

light aran islands

Waning of the light

Step by step the buzz  of the day was slowing down to the background. In a field, higher up on one of the terraces, a cow was mooing softly, probably reassuring her calf. There was a bit of commotion already among the birds nearby, while they were finding and  refinding their proper place on the electric wire for the coming night.

In many ways it had been a perfect day. One, I only can dream of. In the early morning there was a lovely sun dawn. A nice day was promised. And this promise became true….


inis meain

A nice day is promised

A lot of people had been  on the move. Not only people from Inis Meáin itself were on the road  but from the Mainland and even beyond as well. From all sides I heard different tongues spoken and people were coming along the road, passing, and sometimes stopping to come in for a cup of tea and a chat. There were also people coming in with the intention of just having a look insight in what once was…the little shop run by Cáit and the post office where , while you were sitting on the little stone wall opposite the house, waiting for your post to be handed out personally. Only crossing the threshold many memories became vivid again for the people who remembered… And many lovely and thrilling stories originating from long ago, were told, may be even for the first time.

post aran islands

Waiting for the post to be handed out

And then…while I was busy getting in the few tables and chairs from the little garden, there was a modest  cough behind me. An elderly man straight and upright came in, well determined and asked for a meal. I am sure , whatever I would have answered what I could offer, he would have stayed. After his meal he confessed me the reason why he came in…it was the buailte or dot, above the g of tigh and c of Cháit written on the front door!

door aran islands tigh chait

Tigh Cháit

Tigh Cháit

In former days, this dot was generally used instead of the h, which was taught later on.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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6 thoughts on “Trust”

  1. Lovely photos…and lovely words! I miss Inis Meain (and Inis Mor), been thinking about them a lot these days. Have you got no rain like on the mainland? The light there is brilliant! We are still having winter weather here though it is spring. This coming week should be quite cold, and up in Northern Germany there is snow. Warm regards, Felicia

    1. Hi Felicia! It is so good to hear from you! I am glad the memories of your time at Inis Meáin are still with you. At the moment it is extremely cold here. But sitting at the coalfire is comforting! See you some day again! Love, Elisabeth

  2. Your writing is strong and generous…so full of imagery for the reader. I love the photographs and your word descriptions of the dawn and waning light, the heifer assuring the calf…the old man…so much more. But I found this one particularly and wonderfully amusing…The birds were “finding and refinding” their places on the electrical wire. I am looking out my window in Tennessee and that’s precisely what they are doing! I just love that!

  3. Beautifull pictures and you write very nice too! I will come to the Aran iland in May I hope. What sort of job do you have there?

    1. Is it not lovely to read about the behaviour of the birds at nght fall and see it in front of you at the same time! Thank you for your lovely comment. I like to making paintings/drawings with words. I hope to meet you once on Inis Meáin and show you around! Elisabeth

    2. Hello Maria, That sounds great you coming to the island in the month of May. Then the orchids are blooming in the little fields in a wide variety of the most beautiful colours!
      Please come in and have a cup of tea in Tigh Cháit!

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