The quality of meeting

Feeling of freedom
What still was some days ago; the hustle and bustle of getting things straightened out before another year of schooling will start so were these past days ones of experiencing freedom without feeling any border too. As soon as school life has started however the overall atmosphere changed abruptly.
In a way life has become serious again after having waved goodbye to most of the visitors as well. Thanks be to God they brought their stories to be left on Inis Meáin as a memory to be well kept.
As a welcome for the visiting ones who still are here and who like to have a rest and a share of thoughts the door is open.
A silent puffing hole
From inside the other room there is merely murmur coming and although I am nearby my ears only pick up a variety in pitches. One moment the sounds are high in pitch and I figure agitation for to calm them again with a lower pitch straight after. A soothing basso continuo on the surface though keeps the balance.
At times, I observe a sudden caesura in the sounds, a short interval of silence fills the space now for to continue the babbling only a moment later.
Meeting of the waves
The ripple in the sounds remind me of the way the waves use to come into Caladh Mór, the northern side of Inis Meáin. How they meet with the stones at the shore; the rattling sound these waves use to make as they round are like the joyful sound children make at the playground. My thoughts drift away to the sea side where the incoming waves meet and intertwine with the ones going out to withdraw only a split second after the point of balance is reached. As the breathing in and breathing out I hear in the murmur next door.
Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin