Thar barr (literally: over the top)

Just as the smallest of the three is recommended strongly for the lovely and sandy beach, when families with small children are involved. The biggest one has the fame for the many activities which are organized here. Beside there is an impressive nature. Lovely for the ones who like to wander and explore. And so is the middle one…in the least not as big as but still it has enough space and opportunity for all kinds of walks. If you feel like climbing at your ease for example and not being bothered by having to focus where exactly to put your feet, you could take the stroll towards Dún   Fearbhaigh, at the eastern side, and go further beyond, up to the highest point. From there you have a lovely view on Inis Meáin

On the way of going up and later down, over the top of this highest terrace, there are a couple of old cottages to be admired. They probably have been used  as dwellings for the people formerly but nowadays they are mostly in use as repository for keeping hay for the cattle. One, or even two of the walls of some of the dwellings are part of the neighbouring stone walls as well!

stone walls aran islands

Integrated with the stone walls

aran cottage and walls

Integrated with the stone walls

Although it is quite a long distance to bridge before you are able to see the Atlantic again, it is worth to go down. As soon as you are down near the sea, you know why you came…you feel completely in another world again. While sitting on the improvised bench out of large stones you can watch the waves. Coming in with a huge force, they bend over and intertwine for a brief moment with the ones coming out before they swop.

waves on aran islands

Enjoying the movement of the waves

picture of waves on aran

Enjoying the movement of the waves

Depending on the time you are able to spend you can turn to the right now, towards the windmills and even beyond or you turn to the left and walk on the limbs of the cliffs, heading for the lovely kept cottage with the ceann taí (thatched roof).

photo of thatched cottage on the aran islands

Lovely kept cottage

aran cottage and stone walls

Even 2 walls are integrated with the stone walls

From there you meander down again to Baile Muir.

Baile Muir Inis Meáin

View on Baile Muir

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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