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Red Bull Cliff diving on Inis Mór.The Serpents Lair.

The Red Bull cliff diving world series comes to Inis Mór, Aran Islands. Aug 4th 2012

You Cannot buy tickets. Spectator tickets are only available by taking the Red Bull online challenge. Only 700 viewer tickets are available and the last date to enter the draw for tickets is July 15th by midnight.(UPDATE 16-07-2012: Entries now Closed) This promises to be an amazing event.

Action from the event. (Added Aug 6th)

cliff diving Inis Mór

All the Doolin ferry operators will have extra sailings and O’Brien Line have a special discount available HERE.(Travel time approx 90 mins.) Free parking at Doolin Pier.

Island Ferries in Rossaveal have no extra sailing planned at this stage but are likely to make extra capacity on this route available closer to the time (Travel Time 40 minutes). Aer Arann Islands also have extra flights from Connemara airport with group discounts.(Travel Time 8 minutes)

Joe Watty’s have a lunch discount voucher available HERE and will also have lots of specials on the day and music all weekend.

All accommodation on Inis Mór is booked out for the August weekend. Some campsite places are still available from David Connolly at 087 1333702. Bear in mind that the campsite is unregistered and does not have any facilities. The lovely Kilronan Hostel is also booked out.

August 4th this year will see the 4th stop in the Red Bull 2012 world series. The location is Póll ná bPeist on Inis Mór also know as the Serpents Lair or the Wormhole..

If you need transport on Inis Mór, Oliver is your only man. Call Oliver on 087 2356584 or visit this PAGE

Here is the official release from Susie Dardis, head of communications at Red Bull.




Three years after its inception, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is established as the pinnacle of high diving competition. Eleven outstanding athletes from around the world will come to Inis Mór, Aran Islands for the 4th stop of the 2012 World Series on 4th August. The divers are in the shape of their lives, the dives are more difficult than ever, but the most important facts remain the same: The best high divers in the world versus gravity. Twisting and flipping 27 metres through the air and hitting the water after three seconds at 85kph.


In 2012 this unique championship will once more be the platform for the world’s most dizzying dives in seven stops between June and September in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The athletes will compete head-to-head for the prestigious World Series title and spread the spirit of cliff diving all over the globe.


In a sport where three seconds can be an eternity and even the smallest mistake could cost you victory, a head-to-head battle will spice things up even further. Only the top seven divers after three rounds and one lucky loser will make it to the final heat. Five international jurors who award scores from 0 to 10 for each dive judge the whole competition which consists of two required and two optional dives. US diving icon Greg Louganis, a four-time Olympic gold medallist, will again be part of the eleven-person panel whose eagle eyes will judge take-off, position in the air and water entry.


This is a strictly ticketed event due to the restrictions of the event location. You cannot buy tickets to Red Bull Cliff Diving. You need to go online to the website  before 15th July 2012, take the Red Bull Cliff Diving online challenge and if successful you’ll be entered into the draw to win tickets. Tickets will be won in pairs and all tickets will include return transfers from Rossaveal, Galway to the event location.


Click HERE to take the challenge.


There are weekend tickets available also. If you live in the Republic of Ireland you need to go to selected Centra stores and if you live in Northern Ireland you need to go to selected Spar, Eurospar, Mace, Centra, Super Valu, Vivo, Mace. Purchase a limited edition Red Bull Cliff Diving 4 pack and pick up a Red Bull Cliff Diving promotional leaflet. On the leaflet you will have a unique code. This is the code you need to enter at the start of the Red Bull Cliff Diving challenge to play for a chance to win Weekend Package tickets.


Natural and urban, remote and iconic – six of the seven selected locations are new to the calendar and promise demanding competition. Kicking off on June 22nd on the Mediterranean French island of Corsica, the World Series reaches its most northerly point in Grimstad (NOR) in early July and will touch Portuguese soil for the very first time on the volcanic islands of the Azores one month later. A mystic blowhole in Ireland hosts the mid-season stop, and after a touchdown in the sports-mad city of Boston (USA) – the only unchanged location for 2012 – South Wales (UK) welcomes the divers in early September. Only three weeks later the grand final takes place in the Sultanate of Oman, in the picturesque Wadi Shab.

aran islands food

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Off the Beaten Track – Hidden Gems of Inis Mor’s Western End

Yes, Dun Aengus is breathtaking, no question about it, but there’s so much more to see on Inis mor besides visiting the famous fortress.

Here’s a list of hidden gems on the western end of Inis Mor that many people don’t think to visit. Actually, they’re not even that hidden, but they’re more out of the way, or not as clearly signposted.

1. Western Coast, Bungowla (HIKING LEVEL: EASY)

Bungowla Coast, Inis mor, Aran Islands

Bungowla Coast, Inis mor, Aran Islands

Bungowla is the village at the westernmost tip of the island. There’s an old pier there, and it seemed that a rainbow of seaweed was being collected on the pier to dry in the sun. A seal was bobbing along in the water past the pier, poking its head up to say hello. This area is also where the storm sequence in the film Man of Aran was shot.

Rainbow of Seaweed, Bungowla, Inis Mor, Aran Islands

Rainbow of Seaweed, Bungowla, Inis Mor, Aran Islands

To get there: cycle if you’re up for it (it’s a long way from Kilronan), or hire a tour van. If you want to go for a tour, I highly recommend Diane. She’s the only woman tour guide on Inis mor, and was very friendly and helpful, and even remembered me from last year, and remembered what sites I had seen and what I hadn’t gotten to see. Her mobile is 087 7566685.

Diane, Tour Guide on Inis Mor, Aran Islands

Diane, Tour Guide on Inis Mor, Aran Islands

2. Clochán na Carraige (HIKING LEVEL: EASY)

Beehive Hut, Inis Mor, Aran Islands

Beehive Hut, Inis Mor, Aran Islands

This stone beehive hut just west of the beach of Kilmurvey is really a must-see. It is the best preserved clochán on Aran. The date of this clochán is unknown, but John Waddell in his chapter in The Book of Aran writes that these types of structures may be from the Medieval period or later. The purpose of the hut is unknown, but may have been temporary housing for religious pilgrims. The hut appears oval from the outside, but the inside is rectangular, and very sturdy.

Clochan interior, Inis mor, Aran Islands

Clochan interior, Inis mor, Aran Islands

To get there: Walk 10 minutes west past the beach of Kilmurvey until you come upon a walking sign on the north side of the road. Follow the path down, and through a few fields (the path is pretty clearly marked here), and you’ll find the clochán. It took about 15-20 minutes to walk there after finding the path. You could fit this in with a trip to Dun Aengus, Bungowla, and the Seven Churches, if you have an obliging tour van driver.

3. The Wormhole – Poll na bPéist (HIKING LEVEL: MEDIUM-DIFFICULT)

This one is more out of the way, and I only recommend going if you feel up for a challenging hike, and I probably wouldn’t bring along small children.

The Wormhole, Poll na bPéist, is a striking natural rock formation in the southern coast, just west of Gort na gCapall, the only village on the southern coast of the island. The “péist” is the reptilian seamonster of Gaelic folklore. The large rectangular hole in the coastline shows the power of the sea to wear away the limestone, and also shows quite clearly how limestone itself is made of joints that form at right angles. The water rushes into the Wormhole through an underground cave, or when the tide is high, spills over and fills it up from above (I’ve never seen this in person, though). Here’s a good video of it I found:

Waves Breaking on Poll na bPeist


The limestone here is made up of lots of little craters that fill up with bright yellow and green algae. It’s quite alien looking!

Southern coast, near Wormhole, Inis mor, Aran Islands

Southern coast, near Wormhole, Inis mor, Aran Islands

To get there: It’s best to go with someone who knows the way, because it’s not well sign-posted as of now, and it’s also useful to have a hiking partner to help you over some difficult terrain. Once you get to Gort na gCapall, walk up the road, heading south. You make a right turn past one of the houses on the right (have someone point out which one), and walk through a dirt/stone path lined by stone walls. There will be some trail markers at this point, but past the trail markers you will have to follow the path worn in the grass through openings in the stone walls. Once you are past the fields, there will be two ledges. STAY ON THE TOP ONE. Keep going west until you have to begin to walk over the more crater-like surface, weaving along past the cliffs. You’ll come to the Wormhole in about 30 minutes. Have a seat and take in the awesome view.

The Wormhole, Inis mor, Aran Islands

The Wormhole, Inis mor, Aran Islands

Do you know of any other hidden gems on Inis mor’s western end? Please comment and share!

Next week: hidden gems on the eastern end of Inis Mor…