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Summer in its toppling

May be one would even call it an Indian summer…It was yesterday afternoon that I was wandering  somewhere between Moinín na Ruaige and the back of Inis Meáin. A lovely spot I actually had not been before. While I was going my way on the crooked boreens with flowering banks on both sides I was reflecting on the season.

flowering banks inis meain

Flowering Banks

Actually it is some weeks already that we feel the lovely and comforting warmth of the sun during many hours of the day. Sometimes I feel her strength even so strong that I desperately look for some shade which is obviously very scarce here. But … no complaints, on the contrary, it is fine. And it is just lovely feeling the thick walls of the cottages even being saturated by the warmth of the sun…

walls aran islands

Thick walls saturated by the sun

I suppose it was just before the heat wave I heard the cuckoo singing its song every day. From that time on though I missed its clear and far bearing tune. Just as every other year it must have been its time now to set off for Africa to spend the winter. What I missed dearly, I realise only now, was the sparkling freshness of the bird’s voice. I understand it is the quality of spring what it represents and I wanted to keep it.

space inis meáin

personal space

As the movement of nature is everlasting, summer came and goes on as well. Looking at various grasses along the banks of the stone walls I was walking between, I noticed the heavily laden top with a weak haulm. And so are heavy grains in top of barley plants waving slowly in the little fields.

grown barley aran islands

grown barley

The cuckoo brings the quality of spring in the sheerness of its pitch. With its call summer is announced.

The sun offers warmth and transforms the ears of corn into gold: fruits of summer have come into completion.

barley on the aran islands

Barley at it’s top

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin


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Anamchara retreat. Click the image for more.

Go dtuga Dia slán abhaile thú ( may God bring you home safely)

A good few months ago it was told to me already. And it would take place early in the summer, sometime during the lovely month of May. Presumably  temperature would be reasonable by then and with a wide variety of flowers abundantly blooming in the fields.

inis meain

Summer, eagerly waiting for things to happen

As part of the preparation  a couple of weeks ago there was a coming together meant for all the people on Inis Meáin. It took place in the Halla, the hall which is called after Naoimh Eoin  (Saint John). As a means of savings lovely home baking was sold there.

community hall inis meain

Community hall

Well, summer came and so did last Friday and with it the event….

an early morning

an early morning

cow aran islands

what is up for today?

It was still quite early in the morning when I set off. Although the air did not feel really cold, because of the fog, it felt dreary though. I was wondering whether the plane would be able to fly anyway. Ach well, there was still some time left before and moreover here in the Atlantic the weather can change in a split second…

bird on the wire

When the door was answered, It was not that I only saw a fully packed suitcase determinedly put already next to the door and with it some attributes meant to make walking a bit easier. No, not at all… inside, all dressed up, excitingly waiting for things to come. I felt myself again, fado, fado ó shin ( a long time ago) eagerly waiting for the bus to come for the yearly school outing.

It was not long after that the van came and I waved goodbye. Sometime later I was happy to hear the plane. The event was proceeding….

Quite a few of the seandaoine (elderly people) had left Inis Meáin  for a couple of days to go on the yearly outing.

The atmosphere on the island was somewhat different during these days: it felt empty. I missed them and I was happy to see them back home, fully satisfied and with many stories taken with them!

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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Anamchara retreat. Click the image for more.

Lá Bealtaine (first of May- Summer)

The morning was just nice. Nothing really special. Although… because there was nothing special, it was in a way, very special. The temperature of the air was mild. One thing which had not been before long. There was  also a high sky coloured with those special shades of light blue you only seem to notice on the islands here.

inis meaininishmaan aran islands

The various coulisses in the Connemara landscape I could not see yet but Inis Óirr was already milking the sun.  And, I realize it just now while I am writing, why the morning had something special, there was no wind at all!


The hours of morning passed by with the usual chorus of this time of day: tractors with cargo from the freight boat  going up and down the road  driving very slowly at the crossroads because of possible traffic coming from the opposed direction. People walking on the road in order to get their groceries at the shop or for going to mass and coming back again. And besides there were some visitors trying to find their way around.

picture on inismeain

Noon arrived. For a single hour the shop is closed. No cars, tractors or people on the road now. The buzz of the morning had stopped. I love this moment of breaking of the day. Due to this moment the order of the course of day can be re-arranged again.


Because it turned out to be a sunny day I went outside and had my lunch in the garden. I felt the balance of the day coming back step by step. At the moment of equilibrium, when there was complete unity in the atmosphere I heard the airy sound of the cuckoo…

Summer had started!

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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