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Imagine… just a tiny pin prick in the big Atlantic. Although surrounded by some other patches of land, as a matter of fact it is, as the others are as well, on its’ self, lying there, completely isolated from the rest of the world…

Of course there is public transport such as the ferry which can bring and get you twice a day, or even more times a day during  season. There is also the little plane from Connemara Airport which has a regular service. However for both kinds of transport it means of course they only can run weather permitting. But still…

For some people it may have been a long time already of living the dream of once going before one really hits the road. For others it just happens by accident that one arrives; there has not been a single thought or any preparation at all beforehand.  Any way before one actually starts the very last bit of their adventuring coming, some threshold has to be taken. And even then your plans can be cancelled unexpectedly due to weather…

Finally there is the moment the ferry or plane is about to leave. A moment of excitement I suppose for everybody, no matter whether you are young or a bit older. Going off, leaving behind of what burdens you. It relieves you. Now you feel free eager to meet new worlds.

People coming from everywhere in the world. From the Far East and the Far West. From the Scandinavian countries as well as from Down Under.

Here  we meet on Inis Meáin, this tiny little pearl in the big Atlantic. Heartwarming…

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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Isolation-Inis Meáin

I love this kind of weather….Why? You probably would ask. Well, I think it is the mystery in it. It started this morning with just a drizzle during a couple of hours and then the weather developed into mist. This mist became mistier and mistier until the moment one speaks about heavy fog. At first Inis Meáin became isolated from the eyesight of the main land. Only the sea around the island was still to be seen. Gradually however the sea vanished… Now Inis Meáin happened to be on its own. It felt as if there was spun a kind of a cocoon around her. And only the sound of the waves was to be heard. And as if it was not sufficient yet at this stage even the surrounding houses disappeared. I was completely isolated from the outside word. This felt very strange; you are aware of people living around you but unable to see them!

bronze on inis meain

bright aran islands

Glancing brightly bronze

I experience mist or fog as very special. Mostly there is no wind then. The silence becomes more intense. It is as if a blanket is loosely laid around us as a buffer. I am able to hear much more now. Maybe I tend to listen more carefully as I hardly have any eyesight!


Glancing Brightly Bronze

The most amazing feature about heavy fog is that all contours which are nearby become very distinct. The many stones of the walls for instance. They are glancing brightly as if they are made out of bronze. They beg me to focus on them at this very moment. They are quite right!

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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Returning of light. Inis Meáin, Aran Islands

Every year again I find it amazing to experience the way light returns after a long span of time. I hardly can wait for this moment. But at the very point in time I think I cannot bear the darkness any longer, light returns. It even seems as if it has beaten the darkness all of a sudden…

sea lights aran islands

The sea lights

The increase and the decrease of light follows a mathematical curve. It is a period of one week during midsummer that the moment of sun dawn does hardly change. This also applies to sunset although this moment starts almost a week later!

Starting from the end of July sun dawn is shifting 10 minutes or more in a week’s time till the beginning of December. Sun set starts a week later, but shows a larger shift up to more than a quarter of an hour during a week in the second half of September.

cliffs aran islands

The cliffs splashed the waves

Although the actual shift in December is reduced to two or even one minute a week, the darkness deepens. People experience this as a long lasting period. Then Christmas arrives. At that very moment a change in daylight can be observed: it is as if the veil of darkness is lifted up for a moment. One can be relieved and be helped to endure the darkness which still will be lasting for another couple of weeks. Also the birds help, sitting on the electrical wires, by singing at sun dawn.

From mid January onwards we can encounter a remarkable lengthening of the day.

inis meáin, Aran Islands

Sun , Clouds, Sea and Rocks Inis Meáin

Here on Inis Meáin there is a lovely tradition on the fifth of January which is called Oíche na Coinnle beaga (night of the little candles). All the houses light 12 candles at sunset and put them at the window. These 12 candles represent the 12 holy nights which start at Christmas’ Eve and last till Lá Cinn an Dá Lá Déag (day of the 12) on the 6th of January. Promising flames marking the way towards the return of light.

light on stones inis meáin

light is returning,clearing the stones

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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