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A matter of taste

It has already been a long time since I was there… Of course, it is winter still and the weather has not always been as  suitable as a wandering like this asks for, but! Anyway, from time to time I  just long to be there and be part of it. At this time of year it does not need to be long, only, as to say, I would like to have a little glance around the corner and enjoy the variety in the scenery. I would love to have a quick look at the organ pipes, for instance, are they still  as nicely shined upon by the sun as if it looks  they are made out of bronze and what about the, by myself so called Roman bridges, would it be possible to notice whether they are even be more caved by the force of the waves against the rocks since the last time I saw them? There are always a lot of questions I live with when I have not been there for a certain amount of time.

cliffs on inis meáin


Lovely, today is promised to be a good and fair one. There will be a cold but not so strong wind and  going up it will be at my back anyway. So, why any hesitation at all…

And as go brách linn ( and off we go), Tjitske, my dog, and myself. Both of us are cheerful. Actually I am and I think she is as well, respecting the way she behaves, happily walking alongside of me, swaying her tail. Until we attain the spot where I have to decide which way we will take…. Because I have some foreknowledge, I decide to take the left wing, which will lead us to exactly the same spot but with a small detour. Tjitske goes in front of me, climbing the stone built stairs, happily. Entering a following field, however, I notice an attitude of vague reluctance from her side. Only with  some stimulant words she walks on.

waves on inis meáin


From where we are now I thouroughly enjoy the impressive scenery and I impend to forget all about my dog. Minutes later,  I realise her absence though. I look over my shoulder and see her sitting, comfortably amid all those crooked and straight stones. She seems to have something different in mind than I have….

dog on aran islands


I continue my way. On my way back I pass Cathaoir Synge. It is there that she sits, waiting….


On the way back

inis meain aran islands

On the way back

inismaan aran

On the way back

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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Tháinig sé aniar aduaidh orm (it took me by surprise)

When I was in Kerry someday, I heard this expression and I was impressed by it. Later on I learned that the various directions of the wind are commonly used in Irish in  daily life situations to explain  where on the road one lives, for example or what is back or front  or words for upside down or for expressing emotions, like above. An remarkable thing to mention is that the east is supposed to be the most important direction.

flower aran islands

Still going strong.

Well, the other day I really was taken by surprise and I am sure it will not be the last time. I never get used to, I suppose…

Coming out from being in for some time on a clear day. I close the door, still pondering about the things I have been engaged in before. What really happens I don’t know but very unexpected there is something what takes me by surprise… I turn to the left and there it is… the view… just visible between the two houses over the road. Only a little patch I am able to see of the calm greyish blue ocean with a bit of land, a tiny piece of what is  bathing in the sun, in the middle of it. The colours of the sky above are those of the sea alike. It is pure beauty what I see. It is hard to describe what I actually feel at this very moment. What is it that thrills me? I know, it is the simplicity of nature spread out in all its wisdom. The perfectness, the truth. It is.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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Booklet of blogs 2011

In Tigh Cháit you will find on one of the bookshelves the booklet with a selection of my blogs. The booklet contains 12 out of the more than 40 blogs which are published in 2011. John Lawless wrote the foreword. Each blog is illustrated with photo’s. The price of the booklet is € 10.-.

book inis meain

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For those who are not able to visit Inis Meáin I offer the possibility of sending the booklet  by post.

You can order this booklet by sending an e-mail to EK@Anamchara.EU with your complete postal address and at the same time transferring € 12. 50 to the following bank account:


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Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin