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Volvo Race now off Cornwall. Green Dragon in 6th

The Volvo Ocean Race fleet are now off Cornwall in the English channel. Green Dragon has slipped to 6th but only 5 miles behind the leader. Delta Lloyd in in 5th. See the RACE VIEWER

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Some Diving on the Aran Islands

Some scary diving took place on Inishmore yesterday.Was that cool or what?

That should not detract from the fact that Michaels sheep is missing again.

O.K. I hear you! He did sell it to Enda, but the fact remains that Dolly is missing again.Now while there were people willing to take the piss by kidnapping Micks sheep, surely noybody would risk Endas wrath? Hell he knows people in Limerick. 

He asked me to send out an appeal here for Dollys return.

So give the ewe back, whoever you are.

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