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Aran Ferry lift cancelled, yet again at Galway Docks.

The Aran Ferries story continues at Galway Docks.

Attempt to load the 2 most famous ferries in the world aborted yet again.

The story up to yesterday HERE.

Todays Story from Galway Bay Fm.


April 16, 2011 – 5:18pm



The latest attempt to load two Aran Ferries onto a cargo ship at Galway Docks has been suspended once more.

The operation to transfer the ‘Clann Eagle 1’ ferry onto the deck of the ‘Thor Gitta’ Danish cargo ship was halted shortly after 2 o’clock this afternoon.

The ferry was lifted a short distance out of the water but lowered back down again after a safety alarm on one of the cranes sounded.

The Captain of the ship took the decision to halt the operation and sent technicians out to examine the cranes.

Mariners and divers had been working since 7 o’clock this morning to fit the slings around and under the boats.

The Admiralty order arresting the ship was also lifted this afternoon and the ship is now free to sail out of port.

The ferries have been dogged by bad luck since the ‘MV Pantanal’ ran aground off Casla Bay over two weeks ago, and three men were injured on board the ‘Clann na nOileán’ ferry last week.

Galway Harbour Master Brian Sheridan says it’s now going to be Monday at the earliest before the next attempt will be made to move the two Aran Ferries onto the ‘Thor Gitta’.

Meanwhile the original cargo ship which was meant to transport the two ferries, the ‘MV Pantanal’, sailed out of Galway Bay at 3 o’clock this afternoon.

The Marine Survey Office agreed to allow it leave Irish Waters after an investigation into why it ran aground in Casla Bay over two weeks ago was completed.

It’s bound for drydock in Bremerhaven in Germany for repairs and will reach there next Wednesday.

Galway Bay FM.