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Christmas 2013

It was perfect the way things were placed in time…

rough seas at aran islands

Sea still rough

Weather changed abruptly. With the last storm passing on, it became silent. Not one whiff of wind I felt or heard. The sky broke open that afternoon and even a bit of blue appeared.

sky aran islands

Open Sky

The path leading to Christmas was made free. I heard a plane and later on there was even another one.  In a way, a sigh of relief was felt on the island; there was no doubt anymore whether relatives and friends who were expected  to come home to celebrate Christmas with the family would actually be able to come. The planes brought delayed post as well. While decorating the house with the generously given holly by my friend, some letters were carefully shoved through the letter box.

view on aran islands


And then there was Christmas’ Eve the most heartfelt moment at Christmas. Many stars lightened the sky during the early night.

Following the general rule in Ireland”no transport at Christmas” the life boat offered to bring the priest over from Inis Mór. Depending the weather Mass would be read at Christmas. Thanks be to God the weather was bright the following morning.

christmas view on inis meain aran islands

Christmas morning

Just as it used to be the men gathered at the wall near and opposite the gate, others went inside straight away and everyone found his usual place again. It was a lovely celebration we had altogether.  Carols were sung and played by the students. Contributed readings were said by them as well. Above all it was lovely to meet again as the Inis Meáin community during Mass. And I am sure the spirit of our late priest Father Joe was with us when during communion a beam of sunlight shone through one of the glass stained windows. And with the light of Christmas the core of the chapel was filled again after weeks of loneliness.

christmas crib aran islands

Christmas crib

aran hope rainbow


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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