Tá coiscéim coiligh ar an lá (the day is determined by the rooster’s step)

christmas arar

Gathering at Christmas

It was in the intimacy of limited daylight we celebrated Christmas, almost a month ago now. The amount of natural light during the day had come until its absolute minimum by then. And during the following week it was kept like that.


And …it felt comfortable. It was just lovely to spent much time inside, in the house. Being curled up in a chair at the fire place  I felt the comforting warmth of the coal fire. While staring into its lovely bright and deep flickering flames it seemed as if I was with someone else with whom I could share my thoughts.

inis meáin aran islands

Point of focus

As soon as caille ( lit. the veil on the day), New Years’ Day, arrived however,  things changed quite abruptly. What I had loved before, lighting little candles for example during the day, did not seem to work out anymore the way I was used to the days before…Was it perhaps because of  the quality of light which was different now?  From a quality of deepest intimacy at Christmas actually, the light had changed into one of more transparency and clearness now instead of the somewhat mysterious haze which was so lively present  in the light before.

cliffs on aran islands

Beauty of the cliffs

With this change, the closeness of the moment I had experienced before, was broken. It seemed as if I awoke suddenly out of a sound sleep. What had happened?  It was pure anxiety what I felt now and I did not feel like staying inside. Going outside was what I wanted and embrace the newborn light. With this transformation, it seemed light was given back to the world.


Port na Currach

When the days passed on, gradually I grew into the re found balance as light is growing  from now onwards, day by day. Just  as the rooster takes its step, considered looking but determined.

cock on inis meáin

Coiscéim Coiligh

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Your post is beautiful, evocative and intriguing.

    Please tell us about your fireplace. You burn coal? Here in Los Angeles that would be unthinkable because of fire danger and pollution.


    Thank you.


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