Spring cleaning

Longing for better times

All of a sudden it is not there anymore. I hardly dare to consider whether it really is over although there is not a wee breeze of any kind that I hear.

Relatively calm

Only an ongoing stream of silence is what I notice.

Warm inside

After so many weeks of shrieking gales and rattling sounds of hailstones on the roof, the wind has changed direction and space is made to experience another side of Spring. . .

Spring is on her way

The sun is peeping through the windows as long as you can call it a day… And the luxury to have a clear blue sky above me, I do not need to be bothered by the cold as I can look freely around me and discover all sort of greens coming up along the road. Looking back on those past weeks it feels like a hibernation from which I awaken right now.
Birth of Spring is delicate still; every day anew rain and winds are catching people by surprise. However, with the climbing of the sun there is an ongoing extension in the day’s stretch.

The day’s stretch

Spring has taken over the lead in the circle of seasons. Whether it is more on the outside or on the inside, naturally people react on the quality of February, the introductory month of spring which stands for purification or cleaning. And what is nicer at this time of year than to give the house a spring cleaning with the ongoing brightening in daylight and any dust is apparent. Or perhaps a new haircut to go for. With undertaking some sort of purification, we become aware of another, unexpected side, of our self and on the ballast of worn out habits we might carry with us. Cleaning from within makes space and new ideas can develop in the months ahead.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin