Next to Heaven

Already the third day! No wind, no clouds, no rain…there is just the sun shining warm upon our face! No complication at all…not any border to cross. The only colour you see while looking above is the lovely bright blue of Springtime. It matches so well with the fresh greens in the fields and along the stonewalls and the lovely yellow lesser celandine and hawk bit, the flowers of this moment. Probably because of the gradually warming up of the sun these last days as well, the hawthorn gets its blooming, although quite hesitantly. And so does the fuchsia, which is so nicely called in Irish daora Dé (the tears of God)!

inis meain aran islands sunny picture

Saturated by the sun

aran islands in the sun

Saturated in the sun

Without the wind which is nearly always more or less present on the island another atmosphere is felt; one in which there is no noise at all. Imagine the only thing you hear is (the) silence. Automatically I try and listen now what is behind the silence…

Saturated by the sun

day is in aran islands

Lá Istigh. The day is in

While I am doing manual work at these moments of absolute silence I am able to hear the noises of other people’s work of labour as well. Then I become aware of the moment which presents itself in all its clarity now. The moment is and I am in it!

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth: John at Aran Island Info website referred me to you. I am seeking some photos for an article I am writing profiling the Aran Islands. We are happy to credit you on the photos. The article will be published in the Baltimore Sun. Can you please email me, asap, and I can provide details?


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