Nature’s strength

Apart  from any season there are such days you are absolutely sure it is the very right day to go for a specific walk.  As it was today. Although in the early morning there was a cold and strong wind blowing (On Inis Meáin the people would say it was garbhú) later on in the day the sun came out  so the perfect moment for a long and adventurous wandering….


Water turns rock into bronze

Accompanied by Tjitske, my dog, and my camera I set off for the stroll. Presently the sun has quite a flat bow, I decided to start off at the windmills. Then I would have the sun at my back which would be convenient for taking pictures. At the time there was the turning point  towards the tide coming in. That’s why we were able to walk  on the same level as the sea for the first part anyhow. Although Tjitske is not so keen on going along the seashore since a couple of months, today she was quite willing to follow me! While walking on the stony ground  I noticed the masses of  small spherical stones very often with tiny dimples in it and shaped very diversely. Probably due to the working of the waves. And in between I saw  numerous little pools. So gradually, walking became stepping stones! The landscape below my feet reminded me of a geographical map of a not yet known world.


Sunbeams enlighten the sea

All of a sudden the landscape changed from being horizontal to vertical. What was reflective became full of power. From far away I saw waves coming in on the way being developed into massive width and height driven by a huge force. Where the cliffs stand upright water has no choice than the vertical. And then that very special moment arrives: masses of water transformed into clouds high above the cliffs, virtually standing still for a split second. Tiny drops are caught by the wind and taken over the island. Blown through the sunlight a rainbow appears just in front of me.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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