I would like to invite you and anyone who might find it of interest to an event I am organising on Inishmore this weekend.
I have posted the info on the Aran Islands Facebook page already, but I wonder, if you could make it available at other online places related to the Aran Islands or Inishmore.
Thank you.


NATURAL HARMONY is a series of educational, networking and rejuvenating events with a creative approach to one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Let’s discover the art of health in its many forms and experience it through all our senses. The series presents lectures and workshops led by professionals in many fields of scientific, artistic and spiritual human expression.

Inishmore, the biggest of the Aran Islands, is a perfect location for this playground of holistic ideas.


Saturday 3.12.
Organisational meeting.
Lunch (buffet style).
Lecture & workshop: Health benefits of
probiotics. Kefir/Tibetan milk mushroom.
How to prepare your own probiotic beverage
and use it in your kitchen.
Free Kefir making starter kit.
Sightseeing tour around the island (optional).
Surprise film screening in a local cinema (optional).

Sunday 4.12.
Lecture & workshop: Health benefits of Seaweed.
Traditional ways of gathering, preparing and
using various kinds of seaweed with local
experts at specific locations around the island.
Lunch (buffet style).
Lecture & workshop: Introduction to the art of
Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Learn how to relax your
body and mind as well as get energised through
some basic Qi Gong movements and essential
Tai Chi exercises.

Local Christmas market.(optional)

To book a place or enquire about details
Phone: 0868425142