Month of contradictions

Before the bad weather arrived

From different directions they seem to come. I am watching the hailstorms. In horizontal flurries they are impelled while they are competing in strength. However, they have hardly time enough to figure out which is the strongest because there is another storm heading on for attention.

Coming of another storm

Hail is on the way

When I look on the right of me I see the majestic Dún Chonchúir or the O’Connor fort dating from at least 5000 years ago. Especially now in the bad weather I am amazed by its measurements and what else I am wondering, will have been there on building settlements of which we do not have any clue of. The only thing I know is that of many and many storms like we have these days and worse, the fort has been witness of. And despite of that it is still there. Thanks be to God.

In between

From one moment into the next these days of January, there is suddenly heavy rainfall followed however by a lovely and warming sunshine. As well as frost with slippery roads and incoming fog some hours later.

Closed in

Or gales whereat I would think of missing something to discover a moment later it is the absence of the wind. Her ongoing sound of trying to get way in taking everything being somewhat loose with her and thereafter it is that I suddenly experience there is an immense space left to exhale. In letting go that bit of alertness makes a world of a difference to me. Peace has been restored as there is no daring sound at the forefront to be heard. For a moment at least. After some moments of clearness in the sky and a glimpse of a watery sun another attack of the next gale is taking place . . .

The restlessness in the weather does not seem to affect the way the wild flowers develop though; the wild garlic is well on her way in getting harvested as the celandine is in full bloom and more greens are manifest back from hibernating through time of winter.

Longing for better times

Getting rid of worn out habits first before a new Spring can be welcomed. Just a matter of perseverance.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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  1. Thank you for your steadfastness in taking photographs, writing and sharing Aran with us.

    Your blog is always a refreshing treat and brings me close to the islands which I grew to love on my visit there.

    Thank you so much.

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