Meeting up with Ophelia and what happened afterwards

Some days before it had been in the news already: a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean or hurricane was spotted in the Atlantic, heading for Ireland. From the different directions I was advised how to behave according to what might come towards us. I was trigged by the name which had been given to her, Ophelia, one of the two main feminine characters from Hamlet, the famous play written by Shakespeare. In the play she represents at least an intricated and unpredictable character. I was wondering whether the chosen name would have any relation with the expected storm.


Well, the weekend before we got a bit of a foretaste. The wind freshened at once and stayed on being strong for a good while. Then the ongoing drawing force seeking for resistance just stopped and left silence again. A new gust came on Monday morning; winds now seem to come from all directions at the same time.


They seem to compete amongst each other about which of them was the best in getting hold of the drops of rain which got astray in the turmoil of the situation. At one moment I saw it snowing rain flakes. With the heavy rain there was not a border left to be seen between the sea and the mainland. Inis Meáin was and stood on itself. Despite of the weather the cattle were calm eating the grass and the left-over brambles. The blustery weather did not seem to affect them.

always green fields

Suddenly wind and rain stopped. The sky broke and the sun even came out.

the sky breaks


It was not for long though; like a diesel the wind came back. Once again from a new direction. From far away she seemed to come slowly but determent she overruled everything what was in the way.
At the end of the night again rain and wind probable had enough and went on.
Thanks be to God nothing specific happened to anyone or animal on Inis Meáin. Actually, we were treated on another day of Indian Summer the day after!

day of Indian summer

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin