Every year I wash and iron me best knickers from Guineys, and  head West over on the ferry to do the Matchmakin’ at The Father Ted Festival – better known as Tedfest. The festival is a once-a-year gathering of people who are fans of the telly show ‘Father Ted’ and rightly so.  It is a brilliant piece of telly so it is. The festival is held on the beautiful Aran Island of Inis Mór, but just for the weekend, it becomes ‘Craggy Island’ I come meself, apart from the matchmakin’, to have the best craic a lady can have outside of Dublin.  For a lovelier bunch of priests and nuns you would not find on any island anywhere!  The Matchmakin’ takes place on the Friday of Tedfest over a couple of hours.  I draw on my various skills: Fishmonger, Erotic Poetess, and Bingo Caller, to help me find good matches, or at least ‘craic matches’.  Last year I was lucky enough to meet a farmer meself, we have been corresponding since, but that is another story for a later time. I also get to discuss ecumenical matters (as I am doing in the photo with Father J from Chicago – he didn’t want his full name mentioned for some reason?). I would recommend the festival to anyone who loves a bit of craic, or recently has had a bang on the head and needs a few like minded people about.  Hope I see ye there. God Bless.  Mrs. Nellie Murphy.


Photo by: Brenda Fitzsimons of the Irish Times

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    1. Thanks for your comment Pat. It’s great to have the repeats on now too, and a whole new generation gets to watch it! Do you remember Dermot as Father Trendy too years ago? Brilliant so he was. Nellie

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