Light prevailed darkness


Before my eye sky and sea intermingle as the sky touches the sea. What I still observed some moments ago as two different elements with a distinct horizon marking the division between them is no more. It has only been a matter of seconds before the scene changed abruptly. From being clear and transparent the sky has turned into an impermeable and woolly sort of greyish woven blanket. Although hardly noticeable I experience the sky marching with fast speed towards that what uses to be under her until I see her overtaking the realm of the sea.



Immediately the waves react on this usurpation. What I just before observed in the spectacle of the water: the steady strengthening of her movement through which masses of water are build up gradually towards the turning point of breaking the rolling waves into release. As the incidental occasion in which a part of the wave culminates in a huge upheaval of water which splashes up against the rocks and transforms into a diffusing haze spreading over the island vanishing as an invisible veil.


This did not occur anymore. Although I saw the same sort of movement it was without any vigour as there was none of it in the rotation of the water either. It only collapsed as a heavy pudding. And beyond she goes: gradually the slabs of limestone at the coast line get also interwoven in the taking over wherefore the world becomes smaller and smaller. The spread white washed cottages, however, will be the silent witnesses of Inis Meáin which is kept on its own now.


What a pleasure to awake the following morning, on Lá na ceapaire or New Year’s Day with the sun shining upon my face.

Lá na ceapaire

Since long even on Inis Meáin there has not been a sign of her at all. Not only the world around us expanded with the sea and its currents but also the stowing of the waves turned the water into a brightened colour of white as the fields and dunes were given a golden glance. Light prevailed darkness. Spring won’t be long.

Light prevails the darkness

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin