Lá Fhéil’ Páraic-Inis Meáin, Aran Islands.


Even the cows were excited…after a lovely weekend full of activities for young and older people. On Monday afternoon a lot of the visitors had left Inis Meáin again. The cows must have felt then a sort of emptiness. So some of them may have thought of having their own party now. A bunch of five cows, while being removed to another field, were very happy; jumping and bouncing together all over the place along the main street. It was a lovely sight although it must have been a tough job, I suppose, for the farmer to get them straightened again afterwards.

But just as  what the cows expressed as well, the weekend around Lá Pádraigh  was a lovely beginning of the season!

The clearness of the sky around Lá Páraic

At Mass the church was packed with older, young and very young people.  Actually during Mass there was the baptism of the very youngest of Inis Meáin. This made a very happily start of all the activities.

inis meáin

the clearness of the sky around Lá Páraic

In the afternoon the competition of cead was held on the campside, at Trá Leithreach. It is a game exclusively played  on Inis Meáin and only for men. I suppose the people of Inis Meáin consider this event as next big and important after Christmas. It is quite difficult to explain what the game consist of but the attributes one need for being able to play anyway are just the things the island itself can supply for: a tiny piece of wood, a stone ( against which the piece is put) and a kind of wooden rod (to get the piece into the air and then the professional shows himself by hitting it in such a way that the piece is thrown away as far as it is possible). Instead of using the whole island, what was done in former days, now only one field is used.

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the clearness of the sky around Lá Páraic

At night there was a gathering of Islanders and visitors in Teach Ósta (the local pub) to finish off a lovely start of the coming season.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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