Filtering sunlight. Inis Meáin

It is one of those days I feel like embracing the world around me… Everything seems to be perfect. A nice temperature  going along with a lovely and comforting sunshine which is able to take the stiffness  out of the bones within a short time. It is so nice to be out now feeling the warmth of the sun upon my face. When I look around me I see everything has got a shine. The grey stone walls and even the  big grey houses are lit by the shine of the sun. So is the cattle with their offspring lying in the little fields.

It is late in the afternoon though when I decide to go for a long stroll with Tjitske, my dog. In front of me, high up in the hills there is Dún Fearbhaigh,Dún Fearbhaigh one of the two forts of Inis Meáin lying there already for thousands of years. Once it was inhabited by an Irish tribe. From down It looks as if the fort is laid down loosely in the landscape like a piece of ribbon out of silk. When I climb higher beyond the fort I soon find myself absorbed in the landscape. I see dancing, crooked lines around me, bending sportive towards each other while others are following their own track before  suddenly making a sharp corner, searching for another way to go. It is like a never ending dance, without any hesitation…

I am walking on very old, historic ground.  Once made suitable for living.The loosely  piled up walls  are the materialization of the sportive formed lines which have been built by many generations since centuries. A lot of commitment, dedication, power and skills have been put in it at the time, making those walls out of material which was present. There was the wish for having a secured shelter, behind which one could live safely. Protected against the cruel sun and the blasting winds. People piled up the stones loosely through which the walls were able to breathe and be stable.

Looking back I just see how the waning sun donates a tiny beam of sunshine  to a wall as if it was a golden lace out of embroidery…

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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