Cold Turkey…Inis Meáin-Aran Islands

It started early spring. We made arrangements for meeting each other in the month of May. Mi na Bealtaine we call it on Inis Meáin. It is the month in which on almost every new day another sort of flower is in full bloom. There are orchids, there is the honeycomb, the fuchsia, which in Irish has the beautiful name of Deora Dé, which means Tears of God and a lot other beautiful coloured flowers. It is this month also in which the vegetables such as the potatoes, are growing fast and so does the young cattle. They are jumping about, chasing one another while their mothers are keeping an eye…

picture of flowers on the aran islands

The first wild roses

On Friday morning we would meet at the pier. It was a lovely morning at the time and I took the half an hour’s stroll at my ease. I just love it to go to the pier and see the boat coming in with verve. And there she was…. standing on deck, eagerly waiting to come off the boat and meet everything she had dreamt of already since a couple of months.

inis meáin photo

The road we go.

I will never forget the gentle decisiveness there was in her way of acting towards the new world she came into the moment she came from the boat. We both enjoyed the little fields of fresh green grass  surrounded by the limestone walls  from where the cattle were curiously looking at us on our way to the house. The local situation reminded her so much of home…

photo of limesone on the aran islands

The beloved limestone

In the afternoon she was sitting on the wooden bench at the back in the Middle of newly made friends. There was a happily atmosphere around them while they were talking with one another in a warm and comforting sunshine.

Walking up the steep road was not easy for her  but step by step with a little breathing out in between,  she managed. And having arrived she enjoyed the look on the Twelve Bens of Connemara.

In the evening we had an intense conversation. We talked about subjects which had touched her deeply in life. Then there was time for the nights’ rest.

In the morning she was not any more. Her circle of life was completed.

In the few hours she was on Inis Meáin she had brought love to the people she met which all were shocked by her sudden death. The neighbours gathered around  and cared for her corpse.

photo of rainbow on aran islands

Rainbow on the the day of her passing away.


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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  1. Hi Elisabeth. This is Jordi & Cristina. We meet at the beginning of march in inis meain. You were painting windows and we were visiting the lovely island!!!! Actually it was the beginning of our trip after 6 years in ireiand th great!!!!!. Do you remenber us? hope you do because we do remenber you, you lıght a candle of good wıshes for our trıp-adventure. We are on the road and this is our blog Hope you enjoy ıt as much as we enjoy yours. Keep well and enjoying lıve!!! All the best. A chara

  2. Elisabeth, I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing. I don’t know who she was, you article does not say, but I know she had a wonderful last few days! How lucky she was.
    I will be traveling your way end of June and hope to meet you. I am bringing my nephew on a graduation trip from college (or university as you say) and cannot wait to show him my most favorite place on earth, Inis Meain!

    1. Thank you Cindy! She gave me a deep experience.
      Lovely to read that you and your nephew are coming… I am looking forward to meet you both over cupán tae/caife in my tiny café “Seál”!

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