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Peek-a- boo in the Atlantic

Turn into Autumn

Line by line I see the Savanna-looking fields changing back into the juicy green colour I am so used to. As the side of the roads are also, after their late Autumn-look; the lifecycle of grasses and other plants has come into completion too quickly so it seemed. Now their look is refreshed with the new comers getting their chance in developing.

Island life


Despite of an ongoing heatwave in Europa, here the weather has been restored as it is mild again on Inis Meáin. There is sunshine but not too strong. During the night some gentle drops of rain are falling down as round and about the closing of day, there is even a slightly cold breeze coming along from the sea, just to let us know we are living on an island in the Atlantic. Actually, we too had some weeks in a row of pure sunshine and even at the end of this period of extreme warmth we had a heat wave also!

Summer holidays

Will it start raining

Slowly but definitely though we left the season of Summer behind us as we passed the threshold of the first month of autumn or Lúnasa called after Lugh, warrior and chieftain of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the people who adored the goddess Dana. It was them actually who once, wrapped in a thick mist, came from the north through the air to Ireland and landed on the north-west of Connacht. This image comes into my mind on a day like this: sea and sky are covered with a dense layer of fog only to be lifted once in a while by the sun peeking through to withdraw again the following moment. The common aspect lies in the unexpected.


Gift of summer

Right now, we are in the middle of the fortnight’s festival of Lá Lúnasa. In taking part in game and competition we celebrate our gratitude towards the gift of Summer and we prepare ourselves for what wants to come towards us from the future.

What is coming towards us

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

A day of summer

Fragments of clouds are hanging loosely above the world around us. Daylight, just born, permeates the wadded substance with a delicate radiance as the sea is colouring silver a moment later. Soon growing sunlight will take away the veil of the night.

Delicate light

From far away I hear the cuckoo. Bright and distinct is its call in this early morning. Shortly after, the thrush is exhibits its repertoire from high up on the wire. The cattle in the nearby fields awaken slowly and so does the donkey from down the road.

Concert of thrush


A summer morning

When the ferry comes around the corner to moor at the new pier, the sun meanwhile has arrived high up in the sky.


It is time to start the daily chorus on a day like this;

Eager to be photographed

I see mother donkey and her foal taken out of the field. Mother knows exactly what will happen this morning as her foal does know as well. While his mother stays where she is set down, her offspring goes on tiptoe – so to speak- behind her and off he goes to the road. He nibbles here as he nibbles there, this grass here tastes so much nicer he seems to think. And another step he takes and another one thereafter…
In the meantime, his mother is patiently waiting while the master is harnessing her. Fully concentrated he lovingly puts the bridle on her first and then he carefully attaches the harness onto the beams of a small cart. The only thing left to do is loading the cart now with hay, food and water for the cattle in the fields further away. And of course, the little brave black dog which will not be forgotten, has to jump onto the cart as well. As soon as the master himself jumps on the cart and picks up the reins, her youngster comes back at a trot and joins the party. And off they go!
Mother donkey knows the way as she goes, willing to please her master. Her foal follows the party at his own pace letting the distance become bigger and bigger though until the cart is out of sight then it’s really time to catch up with his mum.
Slowly I see the party moving on merging together with the landscape.


Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

Oíche Bhealtaine

Síocháin agus suaimhneas, peace and tranquillity are what the day seems to have in stock for us all.


Radiated by sunlight and no wind, Inis Meáin is awarded with another glance on nature; the flatness of the sea is showing its variety in colours so I can figure out the differences of her deepness. Wide ranges of shadows of clouds above, reflecting into the sea instead of onto, due to the circumstances, I can also see but in a vertical way this time. There is Straw island on the left of me, the easterly outpost of Inis Mór, in her flatness of the moment it looks like a fried egg, the lighthouse as the yolk nicely in the middle as is Trácht Each situated almost opposite, being unclenched now of any rough wave that might come in, to resist for there are none. No obstacle or what so ever of white in colour, will hit the seashore now. What a lovely start of the day and the new season lying in front of us, for this happens on the threshold of the first day of Summer.

Have a wish
The cuckoo must have been triggered by this ostensible atmosphere of equilibrium also; although his call is coming from far away, I hear him, for me the very first time this year. Summer is!

Summer has arrived
As all good things use to come in three, the third but planned event is the annual event of the confirmation. This year to be received by two youngsters. The happy buzz around the preparation started already the night before with the decoration of the church. Big papers with drawings and texts about the subject are hung on the walls. Coloured ribbons decorate the front benches and everywhere there is a lovely smell of fresh flowers. A last lick of white paint is given to one of the front gables. The national flag and a string of little flags mark the entrance to the church. On a sun-drenched afternoon after an tArd Easpag or the Archbishop, from Tuam with the local priest and two other visiting priests, enter the church with the youngsters in their midst. On one side almost all the benches are filled with red, the colleague pupils in uniform, on the other side there is the choir and the community to give a warm welcome to the youngsters. All in all, it was a festive event.

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin