Be prepared

inis meain aran islands

At the beginning of the week

After a couple of hours of reasonable peace it is back again…


During the swell


During the swell


The setting of the scene has become more or less familiar by now. And I think I can say I am even getting used to the voice which has been at the background now for quite a bit of time. Sometimes there is a tiny break in between. But as soon as I become aware of the interval of peace though, the voice comes back with renewed energy…


During the swell

Although more often a bit of a breeze is felt, most of the time there is that very special atmosphere of síocháin agus suaimhneas (peace and tranquility) in the air of Inis Meáin. A haven of tranquility, one could call the island.



This is probably the reason why this kind of weather with the unrest it brings along, surprises one in a certain way, every time it happens re-again. For it is not only the unrest  but it also  generates agitation within one self.


During the swell

With extreme weather conditions like we have to deal with at this moment I become even more aware of the very specific circumstances of living on an island like Inis Meáin. A pinprick amidst  the Atlantic Ocean but due to its geographical location, with a huge impact on everyday life. Because of  the swell (big and long waves) there has not been a boat service for example during quite a few days now and only sometimes  a plane is heard. This means no post or newspaper. And no groceries either…

There is a lovely saying on the island: go with the flow. Take life how it reveals itself and be prepared…


Take life how it reveals itself

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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2 thoughts on “Be prepared”

  1. My sister Mary, my niece Kate and I met you last March. We stayed at the cottage by the fort. We ate at your lovely place and had coffee in your garden/yard. Lovely. I long to return. The island tugs at my heart.
    My caption for the picture would be,” there are no strangers on pathways in Inis Meain.”

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