2 Aran Ferries loaded on to ship at last.

Aran Ferries loaded at last.

The 2 Aran islands ferries have been successfully loaded on to the “Thor Gitta” at Galway docks. The 2 ferries which previously serviced the Aran Islands were sold by the receiver of Bád Arann Teoranta, which traded as Aran Islands Direct from Rossaveal in Connemara.

The drama has continued since the first ship sent to collect the ferries went aground off Rossaveal at the end of March.

On April 7th one of the ferries fell while a lift was attempted in Galway.

Ferry Fall story with pictures and video.

It is thought that the “Thor Gitta” will sail fron Galway tomorrow now that the ferries are at last secured on the deck.