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The Rugged Aran Islands lie Just Outside Galway Bay and just miles from the Clare coast and the Cliffs of Moher on the West coast of Ireland. Take a day trip but you should stay longer. Travel to us by Ferry or Air. Ferries operate to the Islands from Doolin in Co. Clare and Rossaveal in Co Galway. Flights leave from Inverin in Connemara. Loved by every visitor, the Aran Islands are 3 of the most unspoilt Islands in the Atlantic. The last outpost of traditional Irish culture.
Each of the Islands, Inis Oírr, Inis Meain and the largest Inis Mór has its own individual character and is a favourite for biking. All natives speak Irish. You’ll find ancient forts, churches and monuments on all 3 Islands. The flora and fauna is also different on each. Use this website to find out more about this unique destination. The Islands are easily reached by passenger ferry from Doolin in Co. Clare or Rossaveal in Co. Galway. Flights are available from Inverin in Co. Galway. The Aran Islands has a lot of high standard accommodation options such as B & B, Hotels, Hostels, Self Catering, and Ireland's newest Luxury Glamping venue.

The Aran Islands

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"Some dreams I have had in this cottage seem to give strength to the opinion that there is a psychic memory attached to certain neighbourhoods.’ ----- Aran Islands, 1907, John Millington Synge"