What a lovely present the cuckoo brings…

A north eastern wind reigned during the past week over Inis Meáin. It brought us extreme coldness. Just the wind coming from this direction was the cause of the problems with no ferry between the mainland and the two little islands during a couple of days. Although the boat service started  its’ regular scheme again the wind was still blowing strongly while bringing coldness along.

summer photo from the aran islands

Daybreak in Summer

It was today however that we awoke with a lovely sunshine. The air was still fresh but there was silence! No wind at all to be heard after so many days of gale. Because there is almost always wind to be felt here on the island it is hard to think of what it is that is so different when there is nothing of that feeling at all! Whenever something like this happens I still feel lost while I am thinking what it is that makes daily life getting out of order…

island and sea photo from inis meáin

Island and sea at peace

picture of flower on the aran islands

Summer flower

Cliffs at Inis Meáin

Cliffs in rest

And then in this complete silence today, I heard the cuckoo for the first time this year singing its’ song of summertime. After a long winter which bears a certain weight in any case, it is lovely to hear the cuckoo’s call as the counterpart. Hearing its’ sound it is like summer herself:  it brings along a breeze of  chill and lightness, transparency and  straight forwardness as well. It brings back again the memory of last years’ fresh daybreaks after a long and warm night, with drops of dew on the grass in the little fields where the cattle are, already prepared for the new day.

It is the call of the cuckoo that awakens new ideas in us.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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Note from Admin. You might enjoy this video from nearby Inis Mór of the dawn chorus from May 2nd which has the cuckoo and lots more including a rooster..

4 thoughts on “What a lovely present the cuckoo brings…”

  1. I read your posts all the time Elisabeth.After leaving the island over sixty years ago.I feel at home reading them

  2. Hi Elisabeth, I have read all of your posts since I visited your island last year! I also fell in love instantly. Is it really possible and pragmatic to believe that I could one day move there? Were you from Ireland? I am from the States. I most definitely need a change in my life and Ireland feels more like home than my own. Strange, people think. Just looking for a few thoughts on how you actually went about ending up on what I call “my little piece of heaven”? Anything would be appreciated as I know you must be busy.
    Thank you!

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