Unexpected worlds

Sunset Aran Islands


It was on one of those lovely and warm days some time ago that I went westwards. The beautiful sunset the night before promised a lovely day ahead so I decided to head for the cliffs and beyond, this time.

It was still early in the morning when I set off. Nature was at her best for me: no whiff at all. The sea had calmed down and showed a smooth and clean surface now.


And so was the view on  Connemara: clear and distinct. On a morning like this the world around exposes itself much more than ever. It was just amazing what I was able to see now, only coming from the inside of the house! First of all there was the Atlantic Ocean revealing itself in so many different shades of greyish blue and yellow. Then at the edge of the mainland I even saw houses with more land behind them. At the back of this scenery The twelve Pins completed the decor.

This is another charm of living on an island like Inis Meáin; on a clear day you are able to look so far without being stuck by buildings and/or forestry. Well, this amazing revelation was only the start of my walk…

Thereafter I took the road leading to Cinn na Bhaile ( Head of the Town) which ends on the tarmac rounding where you are facing a passage ahead of you. I took the step and shortly I attained Synge’s Chair. The view was still so clear that it seemed to me as if Inis Mór was twice as nearby as it uses to be. After adoring the high cliffs I went along to the more western point. Tide was out at the time so I easily could walk on the lowest terraces. I love to walk here. It feels like walking on geographical maps! All those different shapes and not to forget the carraigín (carrageen moss) with its colour vivid green which turns into white when it is exposed to the sun.


Carrageen moss

Because tide was with me I loved to explore the edges of this part of Inis Meáin. I had not been here before and I was just anxious to see. The first thing that stroke me were the tiny cliffs I saw here. Very similar to the tall ones but  only mini sized here. There were even smaller ones too, further down my way.

Walking on, I saw the surface of Inis Meáin in her many different shapes. It was thrilling to see all these “landscapes” alternating each other on  such a small scale.

unexpected worlds

Unexpected Worlds

another world

Another World



Macro and micro cosmos united seen on a precious spot as Inis Meáin.


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected worlds”

  1. Hello Anneke,
    Thank you for your comment. What a lovely impression you painted on Inis Meáin! Thank you again. It was so lovely to meet yourself and Jos here in Tigh Cháit. And Jos playing the flemish bagpipes in Teach Ósta, the pub.

  2. Dag Elisabeth,
    Met plezier heb ik je blog gelezen en de foto’s bekeken. De foto’s zijn erg mooi. En hoewel het meestal moeilijk is om de schoonheid van de natuur vast te leggen geven deze foto’s goed weer hoe de kleuren van het water, de stenen, wier en lucht zijn. Inis Meàin is een prachtig eiland. Het is er heerlijk rustig en wanneer de zon schijnt zindert de warmte over de stenen. De muurtjes die het eiland overheersen zijn zo vakkundig gebouwd en soms ook verschillend dat je er naar kunt blijven kijken. Bij de nieuwe haven, langs het doorgaande weggetje, heb je een muur met een gladgestreken bovenkant. Bij warm weer kun je hierop gaan liggen, lekker op je rug, en je ervaart een ware therapie voor je lijf. De warmte trekt in je de spieren van je schouders en doet wonderen. Ogen dicht. Je hoort niets. Soms een vogel waarvan ik de naam niet ken en soms het geschreeuw van een meeuw.
    Kijken in de rondte en je waant je “in heaven”,fel- blauwe luchten, schitterende wolkenpartijen, ruimte van de omliggende schitterende zee. Inis Meàin is prachtig.
    Groeten uit Oisterwijk van Anneke

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