Summer in her glory

Saturated blue

Without even a tiny patch of cloud, the sky is coloured of a saturated blue which is also mirrored in the sea below. Although this signature seems sharply drawn, when it concerns the farther distance, I hardly can figure out what I really see; only vaguely I sense some irregular contours of the faraway hills in Connemara.

Early in the morning

It is still early in the morning. The only creature I meet on the road is my dog friend dozing on the threshold of his master front door. When I pass only one eye unlocks for a wee moment to lock again straight after and off he is back into his slumbering. I like to watch him as I am touched by the way he lies there: in complete contentment. He just is. Actually, what I see in his behaviour right now is a reflection of what I experience in the atmosphere of the world around me. When I look beside me at both sides of the road there is joy; every leaf and fruit of the plants show their glorious liveliness.



There are the Noinín Mór (big daisies) and there are the little ones, both of them are bright as light in their colour and so is the Kidney Vetch or Méara Muire (fingers of the Virgin Mary) and the Crobh Dearg or Bloody Crane’s-bill. And in their midst the grasses, fulfilled of fruit, bend over in surrender towards nature which has attained fulfilment, her highest goal of development.

Overflowing from richness

A certain period of a seemingly ‘status quo’ will last before we will notice transformation has taken place. It is during this time also that in the Christian tradition we celebrate the festival of Ascension, a span of ten days is given to mankind to endure and to keep in trust we will be touched by the Light of the Holy Spirit and rejoice in one another at Pentecost.


Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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