Reconciliation-Inis Meáin


Just thinking of the idea already…effectively it only takes a few minutes to go from A to B. But actually the length of it does not make any difference. It is the journey in itself which makes it into an adventure you will never forget! And the excitement beforehand about where you will be seated for example. Will your dream come true of sitting on the front seat, next to the pilot? And before attaining your destination, there might be another stop if luck is at your side …

inis meain view

As it is known for sure though, travelling by public transport anyhow, means there is quite a bit of time spent on just waiting. Fadhb ar bith (no problem) in this case… The way the passengers are being looked after, no matter coming from the mainland or from the islands themselves. It is one of generosity and well looking after the needs the travellers might have. But above all it is the decoration which is put on the walls what makes a somewhat longer stay in the buildings a very agreeable one. Even if you are not a traveller as such. If you happen to be in these surroundings at the time, please go inside and enjoy the pictures on the walls.

aer arann at inis meain

inis meain view

Speaking about the location on Inis Meáin in particular, there are lovely pictures to be seen of some Islander women.  Quite a while ago already these photos were taken and some of the women have passed away since. God rest their soul.

I love to be here on this very spot and look at those women. The glimpse on the faces of all of them displays one of being in reconciliation with God.


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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  1. Hi – What walls are you talking about? What building? I have no idea where this is or really what you’re talking about here. Could you explain? Thanks, M

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