Peeping through a casual day on Inis Meáin

A mild temperature and the sun coming out makes a world of a difference. Like today, outdoor life starts already early in the morning as farmers on their tractors are heading for the fields even before the ferry comes in.


It is not long after that I open the church. A radiance of light comes almost overwhelmingly towards me from the glass stained windows above the altar when I enter the church hall. This token promises a good day ahead of us. And so, it did in all respects.


A lovely day ahead

The sun is a magical guide in getting people on the move easily as from above, standing on a higher terrace, I spot boats coming from the south and from the east bringing them in. Some will be Islanders coming home, others might be the – so called- day trippers who just come for the day while another category of people have planned to come over to stay for several days. But, I am sure, all of them feel excitement as I myself feel as well.


Where are you heading to

Whom will I meet today, from where will they come and what sort of stories will there to be shared between us? Those are the questions arising, when I open the door in the morning like today… A couple enters the threshold. One of them is holding a case. Soon it is unzipped and I make acquaintance with gentle sounds of a mandoline eagerly coinciding with the atmosphere. Sometime later I am pulled back decades in time when there was no boat service still to Inis Meáin, electricity, running water nor cars for private use. In a colourful way the visitor tells me how he, after labours’ work was guided around the island by pony and trap! Although this visitor left I still am taken back in time when another couple comes in to confess me that they, returning to Inis Meáin after thirty years, were taken aback when they got off the boat this morning: everything on the island had moved…for to realize later, there is the new pier now, to moor. After their lunch, the visitors make me feel being in it when they narrate about the fiftieth celebration of the foundation of the new church (1989). It was a joyful happening, they tell, with the church benches taken outside, sharing together lovely food served by the ladies wearing the colourful traditional clothes. This experience we will always keep in our hearts are their words which I can imagine.

Rough and gentle


Inis Meáin, the place where past, present and future are included in one moment. With gratitude, I close the door at the end of the day.

With gratitude

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

2 thoughts on “Peeping through a casual day on Inis Meáin”

  1. Hi Elisabeth,

    Dit wordt de derde keer dat ik hier een verhaal achterlaat! maar ik krijg em niet verstuurd.

    Mijn vraag aan jou is of die prachtige ducumentaire, 4 delig, nog te vinden is op youtube?
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Jan Stevens

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