Heading towards midwinter, it is an intensive span of time these last couple of weeks. At times you may  experience it as a period in which even endurance is asked. Indeed, one knows, light will come back but still…

inis meain aran islands

inis meain

In these days of experiencing  the waning of sunlight and the growing of darkness so intensely it can feel like a growing burden. Taking up the chorus of life can become tougher now day by day and even more strenuous as well.

inis meain aran islands

May be this is one of the reasons a division of Advent was made once, into four parts. The path towards Christmas is marked now, step by step. Every Sunday during four weeks a new candle is added and lit as a symbol of the light which will conquer the darkness.

And then, the biggest part of winter had passed already that I was walking on the road towards the church. It had been a cloudy day but now while it was nearly sun dawn, the sky opened up and a sense of freshness filled the air.

picture of inishmaan

And there it was, back again…After a long period of absence of birdsong I heard the blackbirds singing their lovely song. With their music there was that special sense of airiness too into the heaviness of the moment. A scent of freshly mowed grass came into my memory.

flowers on the aran islands

A glimpse of Christmas, not far away now was brought by them.


churchHappy Christmas

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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  1. The Aran islands are a special place where one can get in tune to the rhythms of nature and the seasons, it is the great escape especially Inis Meain which does not promote itself. Sometimes I yearn for it’s simplicity.

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