Little tiny worlds in themselves

Tiny little worlds in themselves

Has it anything to do with size, I am wondering…

Today, it is one of those lovely SUNdays. A clear and open sky with delicate light blue colours in it. It grants us a lovely view on the twelve pins of Connemara. The air feels fresh, wind is not worth mentioning, so why not hit the road straight away for a good stroll!

Because of the presence of serenity all around, I choose for the southern side of Inis Meáin. From the left side of the church I follow the road up the hill. Looking from above to the left, I am facing Dún Chonchúir, the big fort. A stronghold, an authority , impressive the way it reveals itself there high above,  expressive and outgoing in the welcoming manner towards the many little fields happily meandering towards their point of focus.

Dún Chonchúir Inis-Meáin

Dún Chonchúir

While I am in contemplation, I suddenly feel something  draws my attention, I turn my back and there I am face to face with a family gathering of cows just standing there behind the gate and looking at me…?

cows on the aran islands

Cow Family

Well, time to move on. The sky is still very clear. There is a good view on the Cliffs of Moher and even  one of the hills of Kerry is to be seen! When there a bifurcation, I take the right one towards the windmills. On my way I am thrilled by the look of the stone walls. The variety in them; although all of them are built in a professional way, they will not fall down. However, some have the look of more neatness as such about them while others show more elegance in their appearance and others again remind me of bookcases in which it was difficult to find a proper place for the larger books or atlas to put. That’s why they are put in a more or less laid back position…

stone walls aran


Having been walked between the stone walls for some time to is lovely to see the open space again, with the waves coming towards me, in front of me. The richness of the scenery I come across now, it is nearly too much. There are so many tiny little worlds to be admired.




Like teeth

Via Cill Ceannanach, the tiny and beautiful little chapel, built before 1200 A.D. off the shore of the old pier, I round my stroll. Fulfilled….having been in so many different worlds on a small island like Inis Meáin, in such a short period of time.

Chapel of Cill Ceannanach

Chapel of Cill Ceannanach

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin/

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  1. Thanks for does Photos Eilesabeth you cant beat Beauty especially on the Aran I have shared them with Facebook regards Pat.

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