Life rounded at Céadaoin na Luaithre (Ash Wednesday)

Along your walks

The very first time we met, I will never forget: while I was being busy, getting the tables and chairs out, positioning them in the right spot in order to be well-prepared for my guests to come, you were just about to take the turn of the corner at Creig na gCapaill, the far end of the last built house overlooking the new pier. It was your caipín, your hat, I saw first, rising above the stone wall before I saw you yourself, coming my way. In the slow but deliberate pace, you were walking, leaning on your wooden stick and your back slightly prostrated, you seemed one with nature. Immediately I was struck by your amiable appearance adorned with your head like sculptured in ivory. You stopped for a little while, and we changed some words about the weather where after you continued your walk.

Trách Eacht

It happened many times after this very first one, that we met on the road. Sometimes it was at the back of the island. At other times, it was near Port na currach in the north or at Trá Leithreach, at the old pier. And it was each and every time, that you stopped and kindly shared some words with me.

Towards Trá Leithreach

Once during Mass, I realized it was you who fulfilled the task in ringing the bells before communion and it was you too, out of three, who said the Rosary during a funeral ceremony.
Although it was the same slow but deliberate pace you took over the years, the lengths of the walks shortened gradually and were taken nearer at home. Always though, there was this word of sharing on the road

The entrance of Dún Chonchúir

As the continuation of the walks stopped step by step, so did your attendance at Mass in the church, which gradually came to a halt. During the past year, you preferred to stick to the house, but we kept this word sharing between us, within a lovely and warm atmosphere at the hearth.

First flower of Spring

The number of words we exchanged during my visits decreased until a serene silence was left.
It was at Céadaoin na Luaithre that you came home after you completed your long journey of more than eighty years

Suaimhneas síoraí tabhair duit Thiarna

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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