Invention. Inis Meáin

Especially living on an island like this you can look upon storm and rain in various ways. And not just because you are an optimist or a pessimist…

A couple of days ago the sea was “olc”, she (the Irish language hardly ever speaks about “he”, interestingly enough) was at that moment very angry; the waves were thrown high up in the air and it was cold as well. Therefore (?) not many people were outside.

The next day, the sea was rather calmed down as I went up to the shop. Tomás, the optimist, said to me: “Beidh  feamainn go dóthain arís”! (There will be enough seaweed again). I knew what he meant by this; this time of the year every family is busy getting the “garraí” (enclosed garden) ready for sowing. But before that a lot has to be arranged…

As you might know terraced slab of limestone form the basis of all three of the Islands. That is the reason that when in former times people wanted to grow their own vegetables and have some livestock as well, something had to be done to create some soil.

The person who invented the way how to do this, must have been a genius. Since thousands of years man mixes manure and sandy soil to create a structure to grow on. In order to feed it with a fertilizer, seaweed thrown on the beach by the waves, is taken to put on the mixture.
seaweed aran islands
Seaweed contains a high amount of salt, which gives the growing plant the right structure.

To get the right depth for growing man made ridges beside ditches where you can stand while working in the garden. The result is a lovely organically grown vegetable!

inis meainorganic garden aran islands

Come and have a taste yourself from Easter Sunday onwards in the tea garden with the name “Seál” I will open next to the aerstráice (airstrip) and close to the pier!

Slán anois,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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  1. I really love this post especially as I visited Inis Meain a week ago as I’m sure you will have heard (if not seen a large group trouping around the Island with Shane Lehane who visits regularly). It was such a wonderful trip. Peaceful, pleasant and friendly. I loved walking along and seeing all of the lovely potatoe ridges so neat and tidy. I mentioned Inis Meain very briefly in my blog as I am trying to grow potatoes for the first time in my garden and have placed some seaweed on top to see if it helps. as a first time grower I need all of the help I can get. 🙂

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