Gregory of the Golden Mouth or Grióir Béal an Óir

From the tower on Inis Mór the cave can be seen…

Possible location of cave

It was here according to the chronicler monks that the saint called Grióir (Gregory) originally  from Inis Meáin spent some time in the cave. He gnawed off his lower lip while he was thinking over the sins of his early life and a golden lip grew in its place.

When he felt he would die soon he asked the monks of the island to abandon his body to the sea in a cask. Because he considered he did not deserve to be buried on Inis Mór.

When he died the monks laid his body in the cask and brought it to the sea. When the monks returned to Inis Mór, they found on their return that the cask had reached Inis Mór before them. That’s why neamh Grióir was buried on Inis Mór after all overlooking Inis Meáin. Following this miracle the sound between the two islands is called after him Sunda Grióira (Gregory Sound)!

You can find the place where the cave is supposed to be on the lower part of Inis Meáin at the west. It is a somewhat remote place where the little and bigger stones are nicely rounded off.

Look at the stones

The background notwithstanding gives  you an impression of a giant having been at ranting at this very spot: immense huge blocks of stone have been thrown away, put upside down and scattered into pieces….


The only place on the Island where these stones can be found.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Ins Meáin.

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  1. Hi Elisabeth,
    I noticed many people on the island had some of these rounded stones in their yards. I was wondering if having them had any special meaning or people just liked to collect them since the island is so rocky!

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