Gift from Japan

It was just after lunch time. I was sitting in the hollow of the sheltered triangular tiny garden for a short while when I saw them at their back.

tea garden inis meain

Triangular garden

green gate aran islands

Green Gate

They were with the three of them. One man carrying a rucksack on his back and two women. We exchanged a few words and then the man asked me if I recognized them… I felt somewhat embarrassed because at first glance I did not. However, it was while I was thinking my head off that I saw one of the women pointing at the shawl she was wearing. ”Sure, and welcome back”, I said. Memories of last year came back to me. At that time it was a warm and sunny afternoon in July and the four of us were having tea together in Tigh Cháit. It was here too that this very shawl was bought and taken to somewhere in Japan!

It has been a long tradition already that people come all the way from Japan to the Islands of Aran. Initially it was the knitting, I suppose, what made these people coming up. The intriguing way of putting the various stitches into a pattern as done by the women of these islands, was probably one of the main reasons for a lot of Japanese to come and find out more about this craft by taking lessons on knitting by women on these islands.

However, this time, as it was last year as well, I heard, these three young people came to the Isles of Aran with another purpose as they told me now. Two of them are actual cousins and were asked by their granddad (aged 87) to fulfill here his mission: bringing back forestry to the land and to the people in order to restore balance in nature.


Gifts from Japan


Gifts from Japan

That same evening seven little seedlings of the conifer were planted in the churchyard of Inis Meáin. The mutual connectedness is expressed in the writing on the box “Japmaan”.



Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin.

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  1. Thanks Elisabeth for your post. It shows the attraction of the island for return visitors and it shows the international value of your cafe – such a great place to meet people from all corners of the world. Can’t wait to be back on Inis Meain.

  2. Is there anyone on the islands who favors the salmon farming proposal? Why haven’t you addressed this threat to the beauty and attraction of the area? You are strangely quiet on this subject of such critical importance.

    1. Answer from Admin. Elisabeth writes a lovely blog about life and nature on Inis Meáin. The interaction of the elements , visitors and animals on the character of the Island. This is not a suitable forum for your question. Should you wish to discuss the Fish farm issue I suggest you register for the blog and write your own article where you can ask the questions and maybe find the answers you need.

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