It does not take so long anymore…The calm season will be almost at its end. Another week and several bean an tí (landlady) will be busy again looking after the students who will be taking part in the course in Irish. Twice a year there is one given in Irish for teachers to be on Inis Meáin and as an tradition the various families of the Island will be their host.

bonfire inis meáin

Bonfire at Saint John ‘s Eve

However first of all there will be Lá Pháraic (Saint Patricks’Day) to be celebrated coming Sunday with the traditional game of Cead. People use to think this game was and is exclusively played on Inis Meáin. This is unjustified though. In former decades Cead was also played in Dublin I was told. Anyway, playing this game ( only for men) out of tradition leads to families gathering on the island for this specific weekend.

sign for cripple of inis meain

The cripple on Inis Meáin

cripple on stage

The cripple on Inis Meáin


There are a lot of varying festivals during the year. These include the Christian events as well. One can become thankful for having them.

The cripple on Inis Meáin

The Galway Hookers

hooker races at inis meáin

Races with the Hookers

It is already lovely to think of them while preparing. Celebrating them together thereafter is worthwhile as well. Those festivities and events lace up as a chain of beads throughout the year. They unite men with one another. It gives structure and meaning to our day to day life.

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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